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Answering your Myths about Business Automation – 10 Common Myths

Introducing the systems & tools to your work culture will not only save your time but also increase your growth rate & team performance. So, what exactly is stopping you to automate your business operations

I understand bringing change to your traditional work culture brings insecurity and confusion, especially when you have a hard time with technology.

Generally, Business professionals have some common myths related to Business Automation. The lack of clarity demotivates them to adapt to advanced systems and tools. They invest their time and efforts in managerial tasks, while their competitors devote that saved time and efforts in growth-oriented tasks. The difference can be seen in the performance & growth rate.

So, in this blog, let’s learn about the common myths and get clarity.

What are the common myths about Business Automation?

Here we will discuss the 10 common myths that are stopping you to onboard technology to your work process.

1. Automation is a software:

Most business owners consider automation as spending on a software, but trust me, automation is an investment. Wisely analyse your work process and identify what all tasks can be automated. With this homework, pen down your requirements and get the customized and optimal solution.
It will in turn save your time and effort from operational work and you can invest time in business planning.

2. Automation is just Cost & Time optimization:

Generally, people think that automation will just cut some cost and time. But the biggest advantage of having technology is to minimize the redundant manual tasks. Automating the repetitive manual tasks saves energy and increases efficiency & productivity.

3. Technology will bring unemployment:

This is the biggest myth about automation. Technology will not steal your job, rather it will increase the speed of work. More can be achieved with the same number of employees. Time saved from automating the manual redundant task can be invested in learning new skills and technology.

4. Automation is not for my business:

Many business owners think that their work cannot be automated. This is the myth; you have to analyse your work operations and identify the processes that are redundant and have a pre-defined method. You can get a highly customized and advanced solution based on your needs. This investment in turn will boost your productivity & sales.

5. It will fix loopholes of my work process:

This is the over expectation business owners have from the automation. Systems and tools work on a pre-defined algorithm with some certain types of inputs. So, automation will certainly help you have a better control over your business, but cannot fix the errors and loopholes in your work process. It can optimize a strategy but cannot create or fix it.

6. Automation means CRM Software:

You need to differentiate that Automation doesn’t only mean a CRM software. It means digital systems & tools, it may be a software for your sales team, an APP for your clients and business partners, a website for your marketing team, an ERP for your employees, etc.

7. It is expensive:

Getting a highly customized solution catering all your needs to be developed will definitely cost high, but in turn it will increase your sales relatively. For small businesses, such a high investment is not possible, for them, there are many open-source business tools such as Google Workspace, HubSpot, etc., that are available for free or at very minimal cost plans. 

You can check out the Google Workspace subscription plans at: Google Workspace Pricing Plans – Which plan is best for your business?

Also, many IT companies have launched business tools with basic functionalities. You can purchase them and get them customized at a low cost.

8. I don’t require it right now:

This is a very common argument among the business owners that our current processes are working fine and we don’t require it right now. You can call it ignorance. Look around to check how quickly you respond to your customers? Are your deliverables on time? What is your team productivity? How efficient are your work processes? Do you have time for scaling your business and growth planning? Why are you so stuck in managerial work? Why are your competitors so fast? 

You need it to become smarter, faster and efficient in the market.

9. Hard to adapt for employees:

This is the challenge you might face in the first few days. But today software is engineered highly smart and user-friendly, so that even a layman can use it. You just need to give a demo to your team, and in a few days your team will learn to use it. IT companies provide free technical support and helpdesk to their customers.

10. How will I control my business?

Software systems give the complete real time reports and incorporate tracking tools. You can easily track and analyse all details for a given time-period in just a few clicks. With automation you don’t need to call or mail for daily reports.

Why work hard when you can work smart? Technology is to help you, utilize that help and scale your business. Otherwise, someone else will move fast and win the game. Perhaps, remote working is a new normal and you need appropriate tracking tools and systems to gear up for this new culture. 

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