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4 pillars to Generate Quality Leads in 30 days – Business Automation

Quality Lead Generation is the biggest challenge for any business, whether it is B2B or B2C. If you are also struggling with Lead generation then this article might help you. Let’s see how Business Automation can help you to generate quality leads in 30 days.

Are struggling to generate quality leads? The most common query we receive is “how can we double our sales?”. The answer to this question is, Generate Quality Leads.

Leads are the backbone of any business. To boost up your sales, you need to generate leads having good chances of conversion. So if you are looking for high-quality leads that can actually be converted, then you must know the science of Lead Generation.

Here, I came up with 4 pillars to Generate Quality Leads in 30 days. So gear up to update your strategies, techniques and tools to increase leads and conversion rates:

  1.       Content Creation: A meaningful and interactive content can attract more leads than any other strategy.
  2.       Videos: An interactive video with answers to the prospective queries can convert most of your viewers into a quality Lead.
  3.       Blogs: Blogs can prove to be lead generation machines. A company that writes regular blogs can keep their targeted audiences engaged and can retarget their customers.
  4.       Images: Images & Infographics can easily catch the focus of viewers towards your Deliverables, Offers & Business USP.
  5.       Testimonials: Customer reviews & feedback support your credibility & level of expertise. It strengthens your reputation by displaying the trust other people have in your brand.
  6.       Product Demo: Product demonstration can turn out to be the best lead generation tool if you have a high-quality product. It’s an effective way to address the product-related concerns of prospective leads.
  7.       Social Media Marketing Platforms: Social Media can turn out to be a lead magnet for you. The people who follow you on social media are interested in your offers & services, therefore, they are easier to convert from followers to quality leads.


The basic posts with infographic, image or video content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. can promote your brand and generate leads. 

  1.       Add a Lead Generation Form: Call to Actions on your landing page are very crucial in lead generation. Lead generation forms along with attractive offers can convenience the customer to reach you. Add a form to record some basic details of the customer.


Remember, no one wants to fill long-boring forms. Keep the form in steps. First start with contact details such as Email-id & Mobile number & then redirect to the next part of the form. It will help you to reach the customer and nurture the lead.

  1.   CRM: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Portals are very efficient & result-driven tools in lead generation. With CRM you can keep track of every individual lead and manage regular interactions and follow-ups with them.

CRM helps in building a relationship with customers and create loyalty and customer retention. 

It also gives you the complete report of conversions and lost leads. This data helps you to review your strategies and plan accordingly to boost up your conversion rates.

For more understanding please watch the video: How to generate quality leads in 30 days by Kewal Kishan - Technology Coach.

The success of your business largely depends on the lead conversion rates. These points if implemented properly might help you to generate high-quality leads in 30 days.

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