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7 Types of Google Form for SME Business Owners - Business Growth Mastery

Do you use Google Forms in your Business? Data is the new oil of the 21st century and in the year 2021, if you are still dependent on Diaries or Excel files, it is the time you must pivot to Google Apps (Google Forms and Google Sheets) to systemize your business before its too late.


Here, we are going to discuss the Google Forms that you can use in your Business. 

We have 7 types of Google forms that help manufacturers, traders, and service providers to grow their business rapidly. These google forms will shift them from a manual working system to automation. From placing an order by the customer to delivering that product to them, these forms will help in increasing productivity and sales.

Let’s discuss them one by one in detail:

  1. Request a Callback Form: Online consumers are getting less patient and more demanding when it comes to selection or searching for the product or service. Asking your prospects to stay on hold when they are trying to reach you via phone has long been considered poor business practice. It is old-fashioned to wait for a call.

That’s why Request a callback form has become so popular. They save lots of time and allow for contacting businesses whenever it’s convenient for the prospects. You can ask them for their name, email ID, contact number, and such kind of other information which is required for making contact. You can add this form to your website that lets visitors quickly fill this form when they visit your website and want to connect with you if they are interested. When someone requests a callback, you’ll be receiving instant notification via email.

  1. Lead Generation or Referral Generation Form: This form helps to make contacts with those customers who are really interested in your products or services. Earlier, we used to refer each other in our friend circle for support, exchange business cards, write names on diaries, save contact numbers, but forgot to contact them.

In the lead generation form or referral form, we ask for the client’s name, email ID, contact number, etc., and all this information gets saved in the google sheet. You can easily see it on mobile, tablets, your team can also easily follow up the leads. This type of form can help to strengthen your relationship with your customers by managing your meetings properly without any delay.

  1. New Customer Order Form: It is a kind of document in which buyers use to fill in their necessary information to make wholesalers, manufacturers, or retailer’s work easy. This form helps to collect necessary and all-time required information of the clients like Customer’s name, address, their GST number, business in which they are into, etc. All this information must be with the service provider, if a customer places regular orders with him, he need not ask him to share the same information again and again.

As the name indicates, this form will be filled up by the new clients to take their necessary information which will help the seller or service provider in the long term.

  1. Customer Feedback Form: After providing service to the customer or delivered your product to them, this form helps you to collect reviews from them.

It will help service providers in two ways. Firstly, if your customers are happy with you, then, they will become your regular customers and also become your product’s advocate through which more clients will come to you for purchase and secondly, if they give you low feedback, you will get a chance to recognize the things which you don’t know about your customer’s tastes.

Feedback from customers after providing your services is important for any business. It will also help you establish a strong relationship with your customers, as you are listening to their experiences, you really care for your products, services.

  1. Customer Support Form: Sometimes a customer faces problems with the product bought from you and he/she is calling you for their problems, but you are busy with some work and ask them to call some other time. But, it might be a case that your customer is not available at the given time. So, this form helps your customers to solve their queries, problems related to your products, services, etc.

By using this form they can easily share their problems with you without any manual callings. Just by filling up a form and sharing their information like name, email ID, a product which they brought from you, the query which they want to ask. This information reached you with just a click.

It saves a lot of time for both parties. It will definitely help to grow your business rapidly because the customer will come in a comfort zone with you and your team. They'll believe in you and will never leave you.

  1. Onboarding Form: This kind of form is used to collect information from the person who is joining your business for the first time. As you want to keep records of your employees, vendors, clients, you can simply ask them to fill this form and you'll have all the data or information of them in a single place.        This form helps you to take information from the new members who are going to join you and your team. It can be your employee, vendors, clients.
  1. Networking Form: This form helps you to make your relationships better with your clients and other businessmen. As you meet someone and you both exchange your business cards, you can save all the information related to that person in this form and when you submit it, it sends an email to that person to connect with you and visit your website for once.In this way, you can grow your business faster. By building networks and sending an email just by filling a form we can reach out to a large population.               So, all these 7 forms can make your business processes efficient and fast. Collecting the data using Google Forms is more user-friendly for your customers and employees. So start using it today.

Learn How to build systems for your entire business using Google Applications.

For a more detailed explanation about Google Forms, you can refer to our video: 7 types of Google forms for SME Business Owners in the year 2021 by Kewal Kishan - Technology Coach.

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