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9 Pillars to Double your Sales

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

Sales are the backbone of any organization

Without sales, none of the departments and their functioning will be smooth. What are those major elements which you must have to Double your Sales?

Today I am going to share 9 PILLARS which will help you to Double your Sales. So, hang on tight, read the blog till the end and implement all the learnings and pillars suitable to your business right away and feel the difference.

1. SALES KIT - Make your sales toolkit, It may include the following:

  • Brochure - Company profile, product or service brochure
  • A good Website that generates leads 
  • Products/Service Demo videos
  • Benefits of your Products/Services - Create a list of benefits of your product/service.  that your clients will have after availing of your services. You can be more specific as per the industry or category of a customer. That would be even better.
  • Success Stories - Create videos for success stories of your clients.
  • Qualifying Questions - Have a list of qualifying questions ready for your Sales team to quickly filter out not qualified leads from your pipeline. 

2. SALES PITCH - Sales pitch is the way you describe or present your product or service to your clients; Be it in a face to face interaction or Telephonic Conversation or Video or even in an email.  You might be offering the best product or service in the market unless you are able to pitch it to our clients correctly, it won't sell. There are a few elements that you need to include in your Sales pitch to build trust among your clients:-

  • Benefits of your Product or service
  • Success stories of your clients
  • Unique Selling Proposition of your offering, how you are different from your competition
  • Value vs Investment - Show Return on Investment for your clients
  • Irresistible offers - Create special offers

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - A CRM is a must-have tool to manage all the leads and referrals from multiple resources for better tracking and closure. 

CRM can increase revenue by whooping 41% per salesperson 

A good CRM must have:-

  • Lead Management - Easy tracking of all the leads and referrals
  • Lead Staging - Segerating leads to various stages (Leads, Prospect, Not Qualified, Proposal, Negotiation, Won, etc) to easily manage and take action to close them.
  • Follow-up Tracker - To have a proper track of all the follow-ups the team does
  • Lead to Client Conversion - Monitor Sales team performance

4. GOOD SALES REPRESENTATIVE - Your Sales team is the Face of your Organization, they are the first point of contact for any inquiries or calls. You must choose them wisely. A good sales rep can help you increase your sales graph immensely. Few basic must-haves in a good sales rep are-

  • Pleasing Personality
  • Should know how to talk
  • Should be able to handle the objections from clients
  • Should know the 80-20 rule. 80% listening and 20% talking
  • Must have complete product knowledge

5. LIST OF OBJECTIONS AND RESPONSES - This is one of the most important elements for your sales team. Whether your team is selling on a call, Email, or In-person, they must be well equipped with the kind of objections they may face while interacting with the clients along with the responses of the objections you are sharing.  Share a list of at least 15-20 Objections and their solutions with your Sales team so that when they go on the field they will close more and more deals without delaying the process by doing back and forth for the answers with you.

6. BUILD CREDIBILITY - To build trust among the clients you need to show them that you are credible of taking care of their orders. This you can easily show as-

  • Any Certifications you have done to support your line of work
  • Being featured in any News/Articles/Magazines
  • Have been Awarded for your contribution or work

All of the above can easily be put on your website or included in your Sales Pitch or added to your brochure.

7. SALES PRICE LIST AND PACKAGE - Sometimes, it's good to have multiple packages to cater to clients from all the segments and as per their requirements. These Packages may vary the investment as per the deliverables. 

This may depend as per the business you are having.

8. EMAIL AUTOMATION - Doing this will help you improve your conversion ratio by being in continuous touch with your prospects via emails. One of the crucial parts of email automation is Drip Emails. You can send multiple emails over a period of time to your prospects. These emails include:-

  • Follow-up Emails
  • Success Stories Email
  • Benefits Email
  • Special offer Email

9. EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS - To ease out the check-out process, we must give multiple payment options to our clients so that they can choose any method comfortable to seal the deal. If your business permits and the investment is on the higher side you may also offer them to pay multiple EMIs or Subscription-Based payment. Also, may have multiple check out options too like-

  • NEFT
  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Netbanking etc.

These 9 PIllars are your go-to techniques that can easily be incorporated in your business right away. 

I am sure now you have more knowledge about What needs to be done to increase your sales. It will help you to keep doing things in a more organized and productive way to achieve 10X results for your business.

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