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Centralizing your Business – Bring your Team, Data & Processes together

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Are you struggling with your team’s performance or with the daily firefighting in your work processes? This is due to the lack of systems and tools in your business operations. 80-90% of the business owners are spending their time managing their business and taking follow-ups with the client and employees. Therefore, they don’t get the time to grow their business.

To improve the team’s performance, you need a system on which you can bring your data, team, and processes together.  That means you need to centralize your business. 

Why do you need to centralize your business ?

It will save your and your team’s precious time from finding the files and documents saved in your system, sharing the correct data with your teammate, delegating the tasks, following up with your juniors, etc.

The real struggle starts when a new employee joins in and you have to share the documents and train on the work processes information. Sometimes, the newcomer needs training on a certain process, and either you spend your time training him or you hang him up for tomorrow. 

So, how can you centralize your business? 

To centralize your business, you need a system, software that is private and can be accessed by your team members only in their limited authority. This centralized portal will store all your files, documents, links, data, and reports together, that you can share with your employees with limited authentication of just viewing or editing it.

Now, how should this centralized portal look like? the question is what all tools or features you must have in your internal website, i.e., Intrasite. Let’s check out:

Features you must have in your Intrasite:

Your Intrasite is a portal where your entire staff will connect. Here I’m listing some very important features that you must ensure in your Intrasite:

1. Goals Panel

Your Intrasite is a point where your entire team will land and therefore, it must show the goals that you and your team have decided to accomplish in the given month. This will motivate your team members and keep them focused in that particular direction. 

2. Leave Management

our Intrasite must have an employee portal from which they can check their holidays and leaves. If someone wants to apply for leave, they can do so through this portal by submitting all details through the Google Form and check it later if you’ve approved it or not. Your form will connect with a Google Sheet, where it will get saved in the records for your future analysis.

Instead of calls or WhatsApp or email, the communication will take place through notifications. 

3. Data Masters

Your system should have a pre-built Google Forms to capture information while onboarding a new employee, a new client, a new vendor, a new order, or a new product. These Google Forms are linked with Google sheets, where all the information will get stored after form submission.

4. Reports

 Don’t you want to monitor the results of your business operations? You should also show some reports to your employees. Reports section should be developed like a dashboard from where you can analyze the performance of employees, client satisfaction rate, growth rate, order tracking, ROI for a given time period. 

5. Workflow Management

 A module in your Intrasite to manage the business operations such as Operations worksheet, Task Delegation, Follow-ups, dependencies, Task completion, Workflow tracking, etc. This is required to ensure smooth workflow management and achieving the deadline.

6. Sales Management

It causes a great loss when a salesperson dealing with a client doesn’t get documents on time. To resolve this, incorporate a sales management module in your Intrasite. Your sales team will get access to all the required documents and files, reports, client information, and product information on this sales dashboard. They can get the lead information, update the call status, assign the lead and check client follow-up history here.
You can also monitor sales reports & the performance of your sales team as well as individual team members. 

7. Marketing

The objective of Intrasite is to get all the data in one place. Create a storage system in your portal where you can store all the marketing documents such as company profile, portfolio, email templates, etc. Here you can also integrate the Lead generation reports, Google analytics reports, website visitors reports, etc.

8. Expense Tracker

Your HR department manages the expenses of running an office. Give them a tool where they can monitor the expenses and create a budget. Expense tracking gives you an idea of where you can cut the cost and where you can invest more for improved results and growth.

9. Training & Development

 Develop a training module where you can store the videos and notes about various business operations that you think your new employee might require training to learn. It will save a lot of time that you waste in giving training and learnings to your interns.

10. Company Policies

Here you can put about the company’s code & conduct and Employee Policies, increment policies, etc. So, that your employees can know about how they have to function in the organization.

Remember, Money is only a resource that you can earn always but Time is not a renewable resource. You need to invest your money in a way so that you can save your time to scale your business. Therefore, become system-driven instead of people-driven to save firefighting from micro-managing your business.

So, automate your business and centralize your resources to keep growing and scaling.

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