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Top 7 reasons to use Google Applications and avoid ERP software – ERP Software V/S GSuite


For an SME Business owner, business processes keep evolving and changing over time. To manage the growing orders, team, sales, etc., you need a scalable automated system. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a key tool for managing production, order processing, and team management, etc. But using an ERP might cost you not only Money but Time and a lot of Effort without any results.

Then what may be a cost-effective yet advanced & efficient solution to this problem?

G-Suite, yes Google applications are the cheap alternative to ERP to scale your business with the same speed & growth rate. Learn more on How can you automate your entire business with G-Suite.

Here I am going to discuss the top 7 reasons, why you should use Google Applications rather than any rigid ERP Software. Let’s get started:

What are the top 7 reasons to use Google Applications over expensive ERP Software?

  1. Cost-effectiveness: As an SME Business owner, cost reduction is an integral part of your business strategies. ERP Software is very expensive and charge bomb amount per user. However, most of the Google Applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Keep, Google Meet, Drive, etc. are completely free to use.

And for GSuite they are charging around INR 125/- per person per month.  They provide various G-Suite Subscription Plans; you can choose the one as per your requirement. For more details about GSuite Pricing Plans, you can refer to our blog: GSuite Pricing Plans – Which plan is best for you?

Isn’t this investment being a peanut when compared to any ERP Software? And here you are getting all the Google Applications that are advanced, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and efficient. 

  1. User-friendly: Lack of user-friendliness is the most common complaint about ERPs. The complex functionalities are hard to use by non-technical employees. But this is not the case with Google Applications, they are very user-friendly and can be used by even a naïve user. Since most of the employees have been using MS Excel for years, employees adapt to Google Sheets and Forms very quickly.

The widespread functionalities, portability, responsiveness, and simple UI/UX of Google APPs, make it the best to manage data for non-tech savvy employees in your company.

  1. Flexibility to Change: ERP software is not flexible to change and updates, for even small-small changes you always need the IT help to make a change through the code.

But, the Google Applications are highly customizable, you can easily add new or delete the old variables, add columns and rows, customize the format, and can change at any time according to your requirements.

So, GSuite will save the recurring maintenance cost that you need to pay to your IT Support for using ERPs.

  1. Business Reporting: ERPs gives you limited formats for generating reports. But sometimes you need additional parameters to prepare an effective report, that you don’t find in the given 2-3 templates. Now, either you go with the given template or you pay a good amount to your IT Vendor to add that parameter. It will take time & cost both.

But, Google has a solution to this problem also. You can generate a very creative and advanced report using Google Applications such as Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, etc. You can integrate any parameter, graph, or tool to prepare a good Business Report in minutes and the way you want. And you can edit it anytime and share it with your teammates with permission to view, comment or edit.

  1. Email Automation: Just like in any other ERP Software, you can set-up Email Automation in Google Applications also. Google provides various add-ons to set up Email Automation for notifications, response emails, form approval emails, etc. For example, you can set-up a response email in Google Form to notify users when they fill up the Form.
  2. No Dependency on Third Parties: Unlike ERP Software, Google Applications are so user-friendly and easily accessible that you don’t need any Third-party or IT help to handle it.

You can create it, customize it, and manage it alone, without any prior technical knowledge or exposure. Every employee in your team technical or non-technical can use it easily & efficiently. It makes you and your team self-dependent.

  1. Integration with other Applications: You can not integrate expensive ERP software with other applications and platforms. But Google you can easily integrate Google Applications with other Applications and platforms. Any good Software, Application, or Website will integrate with definitely Google APPs.

All the Google Applications in GSuite can be beautifully integrated with each other. For example, you can collect data using Google Forms, store & analyze it in Google Sheets and prepare reports on Google Data Studio and show it on Google Sites.

 Learn how can you Automate your business processes with G Suite.

So, here are the 7 solid reasons to shift on Google Applications from expensive ERP Software. Now, the choice is yours, whether you want to grow your business efficiently or you want to waste money using traditional and outdated technologies.

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