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Why you need to scale your business – Systematize it & get rid of Micromanagement

Have you ever wondered, what would happen if you take leave from your work for one week, two week or for the entire month? Whether your business would be growing with the same trend or it will collapse in your absence?

It’s a bit scary no? That’s why you need to automate your business. How long will you keep micromanaging everything in your business? Systemize your business with automated systems & tools, so it runs with the same growth rate even without you. Leave to scale, without systemization and digitization you cannot even survive in today’s competitive market.

So here I am sharing you 9 reasons to automate and systemize your business using Google Applications to expand it even in your absence.

What are the loopholes with the business owner?

You must be having good technical knowledge about your business and operations to develop high-quality products or services for your clients. Good quality is the best USP for any business, but do you think just by focusing on the Quality & Operations you can expand your business? For example, you are a Website developer and started your Website Development company. You have a good knowledge and experience in Web Technologies. So you are working with just the idea to develop some more advance, user-friendly and high-quality websites for your clients. But, is this enough to scale your company and get more number of clients?

Obviously no.

To scale your business, you have to come out of the Technical part and start focusing on the Management & Growth-oriented activities as well. Not just the Operations, Quality & Product Delivery, but now you have to focus on Team growth & management, Work-flow management, Marketing, Sales process, Customer Satisfaction and innovations also.

You have to spare some time to plan the short term and long term business goals and work on the strategies to achieve them.

According to the book, E-Myth, written by Michel E. Gerber, a well-known player of small & medium enterprises, in any business there are three roles of a business owner.

What are the 3 roles of a business owner?

To run the business successfully and to expand it, a business owner plays a role of:

  • Technician: It’s the first stage where the business owner keep check on all the technical work & operations and to define the efficient work process.
  • Manager: It is the second stage after the technician, here the business owner works to build Systems & Workflow management. In this role, the business owner manages the team and delegate work & responsibilities to them.
  • Entrepreneur: It’s the third stage after Technician & Manager. In this stage, the business owner works on a vision to scale the business and plan the business goals. He derives strategies to achieve those goals in a certain timeframe.

But about 80% of the business owners are just focussing on the first role. They are so much involved in the operational part that they don’t get time to systemize and scale their business.

Why you need to Systemize & Automate your business?

For detailed explanation, you can refer to our video: Why you need to scale your business by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach.

So let’s jump to the 9 reasons, why you need to systemize and automate your business using Google Applications to scale & expand it:

  1. To get rid of Micromanagement: Without systems & tools, you cannot be an Entrepreneur or a business owner. You’re just a self-employed person who is micromanaging the team, clients & operations. It will not take you to profits and growth.

With systems and tools, you can delegate work & repetitive tasks to your team. And now you get the time to focus on expanding business and innovations.

So ask yourself, are you a business owner or a self-employed person?

  1. To focus on Growth-oriented tasks: With system-driven work process, you can increase the efficiency & speed of the Work process, with less reliability on you and more on systems. Now, you can use this spare time in growth-oriented tasks like planning business goals and building systems & strategies to achieve them.


  1. Everything stops if you stop: Since, without systems & tools everything is dependent on you. So everything stops when you’re not available. Without the well-defined policies and workflow, your team does not understand the work process and waits for you for every approval & dependency.


But with a system driven & automated work process, you can resolve these dependencies and approvals even when you’re away using Google Forms, Google Sheets, etc.

So nothing waits for you and your business runs smoothly.


  1. Delegate Work: Having a systemized work process and KRAs defined for your team members, you can delegate work to them by creating a to-do list for each member using Task Delegation system. Now your only task is to follow up with them on that to-do-list.

It saves your time & efforts, which you can put in another important Business growth-oriented tasks.

  1. Define KRAs for your Team members: Without automation and systemized workflow, each & everything revolves around you. But with a well-defined system driven work process, you can define the KRAs for your team members.


Give some ownership to the team and make them accountable of taking few decisions & giving approvals. Check their performance by daily reports and work status. On the basis of their performance give rewards & promotions.

This will improve the ROI of your team and they will start initiating & taking responsibilities. And this way you can retain your good employees.


  1. Target & Onboard new Clients: Without systematic workflow, you are always involved in current projects and clients so you don’t get time for Lead & Sales Management.

Get a Client Management system to manage your clients with regular follow-ups and updates. And also get a Lead Management system to work efficiently on new leads for better conversion rates. Save time from Client Management & put it in Lead Management for getting new clients on-board.

Now, create a Sales Management system for generating surplus sales for your business.

  1. Focus on Digital Marketing: Being so much manually involved in operations & projects, you don’t get time to focus on marketing at all. Without automation and systemization, your entire business is running on referral leads. But, let me alarm you, this is not a growth strategy.

For a long term business goal, work on Digital Marketing. Create a team to do marketing for your brand on Digital platforms, Social Media and Referrals to generate high-quality leads. 10X your leads and convert them into clients using a reliable Lead Management system.

Quality Leads are the key to surplus growth in sales.

  1. Take out time for yourself: A peaceful mind is the creative mind. So systemize & automate your business so that you can take out time for yourself, for your family and for your health. Because a healthy mind can think and plan better.


  1. Create weekly goals and achieve them: When you don’t have systems and tools, you don’t have a daily report of what you’ve done today & what is for tomorrow. But with systems and tools, you have the list of all the projects, their status, clients, leads, data, etc.

With all this data you can better plan your daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals. These short term goals are easy to achieve and takes you ahead in achieving a big long-term goal. This gives you the feeling of the achiever.

So, these are the 9 reasons to convince you to employ an automated system and tools in your business do things smartly without wasting your time and efforts.

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