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Top 10 benefits of GSuite for small businesses – Take your business on Cloud

Investing in an intra-company software is not feasible for small businesses. But GSuite, the set of cloud-based office tools, can provide the required business solutions at a cost-effective price. Let’s find out the top 10 benefits of using GSuite for small businesses.

In this highly-competitive business environment, primary software for companies is must to embrace technological breakthroughs for maximum productivity & efficiency. But buying new software or hiring an IT company to develop the customized one is not a cost-effective option for small businesses.

Here comes the GSuite, a google product for rescue.

GSuite is the set of cloud-based Google Applications including office productivity & communication tools. It provides you with the cutting-edge features and a highly advanced set of tools at a very affordable cost of just ₹125/user/month.

Therefore, to help your business with technology & automation, here, I came up with the top 9 benefits of using GSuite for small businesses:

Why should you choose GSuite for your small business?

  1.   Internal Company software at minimum cash outlay: Small businesses have a lot of expenses from office rent to IT Services, taxes, refreshments, employees, etc. Therefore, it’s hard for small businesses to invest money in developing a fully-featured internal company software for them.

But in the technology-driven era, it is nearly impossible for businesses to run without appropriate software tools. Here, GSuite comes to aid the software requirements of small business.

GSuite provides all the high-end tools required to create, communicate & manage the office work. Google docs, sheets, keep, slides etc. to create projects. Gmail, Hangouts & Meet to communicate and Admin console to manage the users, data & devices.

You can refer to the video What is GSuite by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach.

  1.   Your Business Email: Not just for managing work, GSuite also helps you in branding. It provides you with the customized business Email option with the company's domain name ([email protected]). A business email helps in promoting the brand & builds trust with customers.
  2.   Easy Sharing of data & files: GSuite provides easy sharing options with centralized data regions from where any authenticated person can access the data & documents without manually sharing each and every file.
  3.   Customized User-interface: You can get the customized user-interface by placing your logo and company’s information in profile settings.
  4.   Seamless User-experience: GSuite products are also available on Android & iOS devices with the same performance & user-friendly features. GSuite allows users to store and share data on cloud and synchronizing files on all connected devices. You can access and edit the data in real-time just by signing in to any device.
  5.   Offline mode: GSuite functions in offline mode too. You can work on Docs, sheets, slides, etc. even in offline mode and it will sync the data on getting internet access.
  6.   Tight Security: GSuite offers 2-step verification for users. If you login to GSuite from any new device, it will authenticate you by OTP verification. It secures your data from unauthorized access and keeps it safe on the cloud.
  7.   Website Builder: Website is the window of every business. You must need a website to share your vision with your prospective customers.

GSuite covers this requirement of yours through Google Sites, an online website builder developed by Google. It helps you to create a simple, customized and functional website without prior coding experience.

  1.   Customer Support: It is tough for small businesses to have dedicated IT Support. But Google provides 24x7 customer support to its GSuite users. You can reach the support team by chat, call or Email.
  2.   Improved Communication: GSuite makes internal team communication easy & effortless. All the data is shared and can be worked on in real-time. You can use Google calendars for sharing meetings and events, date-time stamps, Google sheets for project timelines, Google Keep to share notes and to-do lists, etc.

GSuite is simple to use, easy to adapt and a cheaper option for small businesses. It helps you to innovate your work process and push the boundaries of your business. To analyse which GSuite plan is best for you, you can refer to our blog: GSuite Pricing Plans – Which plan is best for your business?

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