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Introduction to Google Keep Notes – What is it & How to use it?

Google Keep Notes is one of the simplest yet very useful apps developed by Google for taking notes and pinning it with our daily routine. In this article, let’s explore Google Keep Notes, its features, tools, and usability.

Google Keep Notes is a free online note-taking tool available in GSuite. You can capture every idea you come across in Google Keep & can bring it to life through other products in GSuite. Remember the sticky notes on your walls?

What is Google Keep Notes?

With an intuitive interface, Google Keep is a user-friendly application to create, manage, and share notes. It allows users to take notes in texts, lists, images & audios.

It is connected with Google Drive from where you can easily access your notes without getting them lost. Even you can set reminders with time & location options. Google Keep features Optical Character Recognition technology, through which text can be extracted from images.

With all these amazing features it can play an inevitable role in our life, let’s see how to use it to bring efficiency & punctuality to our daily tasks:

How to use Google Keep Notes?

To get started with it navigate your browser to Google Keep and login with one of your Google Accounts.

On the dashboard screen, you will see the “Take a note” option. Click it to add a Note.

  1.       Paintbrush icon: To add drawing with multiple brush options.
  2.       Image Icon: To add an image to the note.
  3.       Checkbox: To make list.

On clicking in “Take a note” bar, you will see other options as well:

  1.       Bell icon: To add Reminder with time & location.
  2.       User icon: To share notes with teammates.
  3.       Colour Plate: To add a background color.
  4.       Archive icon: To send the note Archive folder.
  5.       Pin icon: To pin the note on the dashboard screen.

It also provides the options for Adding Labels to the note.

Aren’t these Digital Sticky notes being simpler to use? If you need more help you can follow the video: Introduction to Google Keep by Kewal Kishan - Technology Coach (

A simple tool in your GSuite can make your day efficient & productive by reminding you of your prioritized tasks & to-dos. The best part is, you can access it on your Android Phones, I-Phones & Web browser.

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