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Google Workspace – An ideal platform for Business Owners

Are you planning to streamline your business by taking it on cloud? Google has made it easy with its cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) product – Google Workspace. 

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a collection of powerful cloud based products developed by Google for Enterprises, Businesses, Institutes, etc. The primary Google Applications you’re probably familiar with include Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Forms, Calendars, Hangouts, etc.

Let’s look into the key features of Google Workspace, making it perfect to integrate it with our work: 

What are the Key Features of Google Workspace?

Google Workspace provides us many tools under the four categories:

  1. ConnectAs the name suggests, all the products under this category are to reach out to your customers and colleagues. It comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Google Meet, etc.
  2. CreateThis Category includes products to pen down your project such as Google Docs to...
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Centralizing your Business – Bring your Team, Data & Processes together

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

Are you struggling with your team’s performance or with the daily firefighting in your work processes? This is due to the lack of systems and tools in your business operations. 80-90% of the business owners are spending their time managing their business and taking follow-ups with the client and employees. Therefore, they don’t get the time to grow their business.

To improve the team’s performance, you need a system on which you can bring your data, team, and processes together.  That means you need to centralize your business. 

Why do you need to centralize your business ?

It will save your and your team’s precious time from finding the files and documents saved in your system, sharing the correct data with your teammate, delegating the tasks, following up with your juniors, etc.

The real struggle starts when a new employee joins in and you have to share the documents and train on the work processes information. Sometimes, the newcomer needs...

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5 Steps to Automate your Business – Digitize your Work Process

Are you a business owner and struggling with daily firefighting? Well! It’s  the right  time to automate your business to save hours from these small managerial tasks and  invest it in growth oriented tasks. Automation means incorporating systems and tools to your traditional business operations to save the time and effort of your team while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the workflow

Here, I came up with the 5 steps to automate your business, let’s have a look at them one by one:

What are the 5 steps to automate your business?

1. Data Capturing

How do you capture your data? Generally, companies capture the data in some excel files and word documents, without any format. Sometimes, these excel and doc files may get corrupted or the data captured without any format requires good effort to understand.
To resolve this, you can use Google Forms & Google sheets to capture the data. Create a Google Form with the basic questions you would...

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7 Best Webinar Platforms – Suggested by Kewal Kishan

Holding the audience via the internet is a must to run any business today. In the new normal of remote culture, webinars are the most common way to market your products and services, on-board employees, conduct online training and sharing ideas. A strategically planned and well executed Webinar can bring great revenue opportunities, engagements and quality leads.

So, are you thinking of conducting a Webinar? Then you must be looking for a modern and slick platform to conduct an automated and non-sense free Webinar. There are many web-based & cloud-based open-source video conferencing tools in the market to hold Webinars. Understanding the needs of users, these platforms are provided with advanced features like Sharing Screens, Cross-platform messages, File Sharing Chat, etc.                                                         ...

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Google Workspace Pricing Plans – Which plan is best for your business?

Google workspace offers from a basic subscription plan for professional individual users to a Business & Enterprise level plans for companies. Let’s find out what services are included in each plan and which plan best meets your business’s requirements.

Google workspace has just launched a new series of Business Workspace plans in which they have introduced a new plan for big businesses. Let’s find out what new Google have to amaze us this time!

Google workspace pricing starts as low as 125/user/month for Business starter plan, 672/user/month for standard Business level plan and 1260/user/month for advanced Business plus plan. If you are an enterprise, you can directly contact them and get the customized plan according to your requirement.

Each plan provides you the Email Account and access to all Google Applications of the Google Workspace. The differences between the plans lie in storage limit, security features, customer support and Admin control access....

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Automate your business using Google APPs - Without your presence

Are you frustrated with the poor performance of your employees and really get irritated when they come up with nothing but excuses? Do operations suck your time and you don’t get time for growing your business? The only problem related to all these issues is the lack of systems and tools.

In today’s busy schedule, business-related tasks must be automated to reduce time and cost applied to it. Automation improves the operational stability and makes it efficient and fast. Running a business without a system is like running a car without an engine, which you can push manually but, however, cannot ride it and scale it.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 points on how to automate a business, so it works well and generates profit without even the presence of the business owner.


What are the 6 simple steps to automate business?

 Let’s check it out:

1. Create a list of all processes:

In business, we have a lot of processes like lead generation process,...

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3-Stages of a Business Owner – How to upgrade from one Stage to another?

Every small business owner like solopreneurs or a start-up team of 5 or less have three distinct phases they go through. Here I am going to discuss those 3 stages and how to upgrade from one stage to another.

Are you a Business Owner who is involved in every big & small act of your business? If you are doing every task from following up leads to taking orders, from assigned work to tracking the performance, from marketing to sales, etc. then, you are doing Micro-management, not Macro-management.

With this Micro-management work process, you are just trying to survive and not be able to scale your business.

As per the book E-Myth, written by Michael E Gerber, a Business Man goes through 3-Stages:

What are the 3-Stages of a Business Owner?

For detailed insights you can refer to the Video: 3 Stages of a Business Man by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach.

  1. Stage One: Technician
  2. Stage Two: Manager
  3. Stage Three: Entrepreneur

In this blog, I will explain to you these 3-Stages...

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Why you need to scale your business – Systematize it & get rid of Micromanagement

Have you ever wondered, what would happen if you take leave from your work for one week, two week or for the entire month? Whether your business would be growing with the same trend or it will collapse in your absence?

It’s a bit scary no? That’s why you need to automate your business. How long will you keep micromanaging everything in your business? Systemize your business with automated systems & tools, so it runs with the same growth rate even without you. Leave to scale, without systemization and digitization you cannot even survive in today’s competitive market.

So here I am sharing you 9 reasons to automate and systemize your business using Google Applications to expand it even in your absence.

What are the loopholes with the business owner?

You must be having good technical knowledge about your business and operations to develop high-quality products or services for your clients. Good quality is the best USP for any business, but do you think just by...

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Introduction to Google Sites for Business – Free Online Website Builder

google sites Sep 23, 2020

Google Sites is a structured Website creation tool developed by Google under GSuite Portal. Anyone can create an engaging, high-quality & user-friendly website on it. Let’s check out its features and usability:

Have you ever wondered that you can create a user-friendly and mobile responsive website without any coding experience? Google Sites – the hidden player of GSuite can help you with its simple tools to create a website for personal or business use.

What are Google sites?

Google Sites is an online webpage creation tool by Google. You can build a fully-featured & customized website in minutes using its simple tools. It allows the user to format text, add images, documents & videos, drag & drop elements to place it in a customized way, and much more. 

You can easily embed Google forms on your website to collect enquires from your website visitors. You can also embed a youtube video, Sheets, Slides to your website within a few clicks.


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10 reasons to use Data Studio for Business Dashboards & Data Visualization

Google Data Studio can be considered as a supercharged version of the Google Analytics dashboard.  It has unlimited functionalities for Data Visualization that you need to connect data and create dashboards.  

You can convert your raw data into fully customizable informative reports that are easy to read and share. 

So don’t you want to unlock the power of your data? To learn more about business systems, click here.

Smarter business decisions are inspired by interactive dashboards and engaging reports. Let’s see how Google Data Studio can help you:

What are the 10 reasons to use Data Studio?

  1. Collect your Data in one place: You can collect the data on Data Studio from Spreadsheets, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, etc.
  2. Explore your Data: Can you imagine that without any codes and queries you transform your data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create visual graphic reports?
  3. Share Readable Reports: By dashboarding your data you can create...
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