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Top 10 benefits of GSuite for small businesses – Take your business on Cloud

Investing in an intra-company software is not feasible for small businesses. But GSuite, the set of cloud-based office tools, can provide the required business solutions at a cost-effective price. Let’s find out the top 10 benefits of using GSuite for small businesses.

In this highly-competitive business environment, primary software for companies is must to embrace technological breakthroughs for maximum productivity & efficiency. But buying new software or hiring an IT company to develop the customized one is not a cost-effective option for small businesses.

Here comes the GSuite, a google product for rescue.

GSuite is the set of cloud-based Google Applications including office productivity & communication tools. It provides you with the cutting-edge features and a highly advanced set of tools at a very affordable cost of just 125/user/month.

Therefore, to help your business with technology & automation, here, I came up with the top 9 benefits of using GSuite for...

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10 G-Suite tips to go Paperless – Business Automation & Digitization

Business Automation and Digitization is the need of the hour for any business to achieve high productivity and efficiency. Google has made the digitization possible at a cost-effective price with its online business automation tool, GSuite. Let’s find out how:

Over the years of training 6000+ students including both Business Owners and Professionals on the power of G-Suite and its applications, I always get impressed with the features that G-suite has to offer. Nowadays, everybody is going online with all the business-related tasks right from assigning tasks to employees, managing their work to seeking permissions, etc. which is the high time for all of us to go Paperless.

Today, I am sharing the top 7 tips which will help you go paperless with the help of G-suite and its applications-

  • Tip # 1 - Google forms for surveys or questionnaires

Easily create and distribute google forms for event responses, feedback, signups,...

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Introduction to Google Forms – How to use it?


Have you ever wondered that you can also create Data Submission forms without any coding experience or technical background?

Well yes! Google has made it easy with its best free form tool – Google Forms.

What are Google Forms?

Google Forms is an online data collection tool that integrates easily and efficiently with other Google Products. It provides an easy way to create forms in a matter of minutes and without writing a single line of code. Sounds easy?

Yes, it is very user-friendly to implement. You can create surveys, quiz forms with multiple choice questions, drag-and-drop type questions, registration forms, opinion polls, etc. But if you are entirely new to this cloud platform, it can be somewhat complex for you.

So sit, relax, and follow the step by step tutorial to getting introduced with all the features, tools, and functions of Google Forms within minutes:

How to use Google Forms?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to get started? You can take help from...

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8 PILLARS to 10X your Team's productivity

team productivity Jun 20, 2020

A good team is one of your Biggest Asset and one of the greatest tool which will play a very important role in achieving your Organizational Goals.

There is a very well put meaning of the word TEAM i.e. Together Everyone Achieves More. 

We spend our time, money, and a good amount of effort in hiring our Dream Team so that they can achieve their targets successfully and you can focus on Scaling the business. It's important to avoid all the leakages or shortcomings when it comes to delegating tasks to them, managing workflows, proper systems to ensure that perfect output. 

Today I will be sharing the 8 Pillars to 10X your Team's productivity. 

1. KRAs (Key Responsible Activities) - Are the activities, job roles that you define for each team member. These activities can be at the frequency of daily, weekly, monthly, or fortnightly that are to be carried and completed.

2. Intrasite - Your internal company portal for smooth employee...

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9 Pillars to Double your Sales

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

Sales are the backbone of any organization

Without sales, none of the departments and their functioning will be smooth. What are those major elements which you must have to Double your Sales?

Today I am going to share 9 PILLARS which will help you to Double your Sales. So, hang on tight, read the blog till the end and implement all the learnings and pillars suitable to your business right away and feel the difference.

1. SALES KIT - Make your sales toolkit, It may include the following:

  • Brochure - Company profile, product or service brochure
  • A good Website that generates leads 
  • Products/Service Demo videos
  • Benefits of your Products/Services - Create a list of benefits of your product/service.  that your clients will have after availing of your services. You can be more specific as per the industry or category of a customer. That would be even better.
  • Success Stories - Create videos for success stories of your clients.
  • Qualifying Questions - Have a list of...
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6 essential elements for your Sales Toolkit

sales May 16, 2020

While training my students, I come across this question quite often - "What is a Sales kit?". "What all should be included in the Sales Toolkit?"

Just like a painter, carpenter, plumber, or any craftsman, you need to have the right tools to be effective in your profession. Similarly, to achieve success in sales you need to have the right set tools. Without the proper training and tools, your likelihood of success is limited.

Here are 6 essential elements that you need to have for your Sales Toolkit to 10X your conversation.

1. Leads tracking tool - A CRM

Never miss out on any lead.
A good CRM helps you to be in touch with all the leads, tracks their stages, gives you a consolidated report on all the leads, and their status. You may read more about what are the best specifications of a Good CRM

2. Follow-up tracker and reminder tool

As the sales guru, Mr. Grant Cardone says, “80% conversion happens on 5th - 12th follow up”.
Follow up is the key to sales...

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What the Heck is Business Automation?

business automation May 14, 2020

Are you still wondering that Kewal keeps telling us about automating your business, however you are still lacking clarity on what actually is Business Automation?

Will things start happening on their own? Will I have to do nothing?

Is it feasible for me? It might be expensive to do it. What if my team does not follow or understands these tools?

In this article, I will educate you all about What is Business Automation? and clear out all your queries.

How I define Business Automation?

I like to define Business Automation as:

It is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual efforts can be replaced.

Business automation helps in achieving:

  • Cost minimization - reduce your operational cost
  • Greater efficiency - improved team efficiency
  • Streamlined processes - no firefighting on projects or orders
  • Easy collaboration - easy data sharing on cloud

Let's take a simple example to understand it. How do most of us take...

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How to achieve your weekly goals

productivity Apr 07, 2020

Time is an asset to everyone. For Business Owners, it's the most crucial asset and Business owners are always under some pressure to utilize their Time effectively.

To achieve your weekly goals, I am going to suggest to you the easiest way. So let's get started.

In my 8 years of career, I have seen that whenever I plan my week in advance, say on Saturday planning for next week, I achieve at least 80% of my goals.

The Mantra of achieving Weekly goals is Planning. So, how should you plan your entire week in advance?

This process takes at least 1 hour. 

Create a List of your goals. Goals can be pending work, client meetings, staff training, sales calls, etc. I am giving it all a name as a Goal.

You must be dealing with Marketing, Sales, Operations, HR, Admin, Finance, etc.

Start with one department, and create a list of your top priority goals of that department.

Then pick another department and create a list of top priority goals. Repeat the steps for other departments.

Now, here...

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Importance and Need of HR / Admin Automation in your Business

admin hr Apr 03, 2020

Every Business is driven by people. No matter the size of the business, it cannot thrive without the contribution of your team. Therefore, for a business owner, it is very crucial to build systems to manage the team and get the best out of them.

If you are a business owner who is struggling with the not-so-good performance of the teammates, then you are at the right place, keep reading.

What factors define Not-so Good or bad performance of your teammates or team:-

  1. Work Delegated is not getting completed on time or teammates are forgetting the assigned work
  2. The team does not have clarity on their job role and daily-weekly-monthly activities
  3. Teammates are taking leaves without prior notice to you or senior
  4. If a Team has more than 20 members, they do not know about each other and the company's processes.

So here are automation techniques to help you 10X your team performance. Watch out!

1. Assigned KRAs (Key responsibility Activities):

When you hire someone, you should be clear...

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Automate your Marketing to get 10X Leads and Referrals

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2020

Marketing in the 21st century has been totally disrupted. Almost every part of it is Digital now. Ironically, SME Business Owners have not been able to change their marketing strategy according to the current trends. If you are also one of the Business owners who want to use digital marketing for your business, this article will enlighten you the ways to market your business via Email & SMS Automation.


Email & SMS Marketing Automation

Email marketing is the biggest weapon for a business to use in digital marketing. Email Marketing has been in trends past many decades and has shown great conversion results. However, email marketing has been changed completely past 1 decade, credit goes to Automation.

Let me show you the major elements of Email marketing.

  1. Email Campaigns Automation - Sending personalized emails to multiple people at the same time. In G-Suite, there is an addon, Gmail Email Templates, through which you can write beautiful email drafts and in...
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