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Automate your Operations to Get Rid of Daily Firefighting

Business Operations are the most complex part of any business. If you are a Manufacturer, Trader or Construction or Services, managing and delivering Orders/projects takes most of the Time and Resources of a company. MNCs use ERP software to manage operations which bring high efficiency in them. However, if you are an SME Business Owner, implementing ERP systems can become a daunting task and sometimes failures. So if you are a Startup or SME business owner, this article will guide you on how to automate your operations without spending lakhs of rupees and 1000s hours of time.

From a macro view, Operations can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Order Management & Tracking
  2. Project Management

Difference between them is that Orders are meant for Manufacturers-Traders and Projects are for Service-based or Construction industry Business Owners.

Lets first discuss how you can automate your Order tracking and analyze the progress.

Order Management: 

Here are the steps for you to automate...

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Why Sales Automation is the need of the hour

sales automation Apr 03, 2020

Business Automation is the need of the hour in the 21st century. In the B2C segment, startups & MNCs have completely automated their sales process. Booking a Cab, Buying a product online, or booking an appointment with a doctor, everything is mobile-driven.

Whereas, B2B segment is far behind, especially Business Owners in the SME sector.

If you are a Business Owner or a Professional working in the SME sector, then keep reading...

We all know that Sales is the Pillar of your Business and to double the Sales, you need to double the efficiency of your Sales Process. It can be increased by bringing Automation to your Sales process.

Major Elements of Automation in Sales Process:

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  2. Followup Tracker
  3. Sales Dashboard
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In the digital age, CRM is the need of the hour and managing your sales without a CRM will bring chaos and leakage of leads, nothing else.

Let me show you how important...

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5 Tips how G-Suite can help you while Work from Home

tips workfromhome Mar 25, 2020

Image result for work from home using g-suite

COVID'19 is a Global Pandemic affecting businesses and the economy worldwide. With the businesses shifting to Work from Home mode, you need to make sure that your team is set up for success

While most of you might be struggling to collaborate with the teams, we and our students are effectively working from home with the help of G-suite. G-Suite is a cloud platform that enables you to work from anywhere.

The right use of everchanging Technology can take your business Global. This is the right time to leverage the G-suite elements which will not only increase your productivity but also help in taking your business online.

Now, if you want this change in the working environment to lead to increased productivityread this article till the end.

5 tips on how G-Suite can help you Stay Productive while working from home-

1) Start your day with team huddles over a Video Call

Just like the normal start of the day in office...

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Double your Sales & Convert more Clients

sales Mar 25, 2020

The sales department is the most critical part of any Business, without good Sales, there is no business.

We have been helping business owners in automating their business using G-Suite (Google forms, Google sheets, etc) for the past 3 years. Today I am going to talk about one of our tools CRM based on Google Sheets, which has helped many businesses grow their sales immensely.

Here are the key takeaways that have helped us and our students achieve up to 10X growth in their Sales:

1. Lead Categorization -

Your business might get hundreds of leads each month and your Sales team would be busy in converting them. The important thing is to categorize the leads into various stages, this helps the sales team improve their conversion by shifting their focus on to the leads that are much likely to close rather than wasting time on not qualified leads. We categorize our leads into the following stages:

  1. Lead
  2. Prospect
  3. Not Qualified
  4. Waiting for Payment
  5. Closed

2. Follow Up Reminders -...

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Top 5 things you must do to 10X your Leads and Referrals

marketing sales Mar 24, 2020

Leads and Referrals are an integral part of any business, without which your business wouldn't last long. 

Leads and referrals are qualified prospects who may convert to your clients in the near future depending upon the right mapping between your solution and their problem.

Marketing is the most underrated and least understood subject. We have been helping a lot of business owners through our Business Automation workshop in understanding the fact that there is a huge room for improvement in marketing, where people seem to ignore it thinking Marketing is not for me, our participants/students work towards getting the best out of the social media, branding, targeting the right audience at the right time.

A good marketing strategy is the Fuel to your Business Growth.

Here are the top 5 takeaways that have helped us and our students achieve up to 10X growth in their leads and referrals with G-Suite...

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