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7 sales metrics you must track to 10X your sales

Are you a Business Owner struggling to acquire new customers every day? We have already discussed about How to double your sales by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach in one of our previous blogs. Here we are, with one more amazing strategy to grow your sales.

95% of the business owners don’t track their sales metrics as a result of which it is almost impossible for them to predict their weekly or monthly sales leaving them anxious. "As rightly said if you can measure it, you can control it”. Analyzing sales metrics is crucial to improve your sales performance. 

If you want to take your business to the next level by correctly predicting your sales, making your sales team productive, grow your revenue, and beat out the competition, then you must start tracking these metrics in your business -

  1. Track monthly revenue 

Sales is the Oxygen of the company, which makes it crucial to track it on a monthly basis or even daily. Yes, if you analyse the sales on a...

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