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Top 7 reasons to use Google Applications and avoid ERP software – ERP Software V/S GSuite


For an SME Business owner, business processes keep evolving and changing over time. To manage the growing orders, team, sales, etc., you need a scalable automated system. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a key tool for managing production, order processing, and team management, etc. But using an ERP might cost you not only Money but Time and a lot of Effort without any results.

Then what may be a cost-effective yet advanced & efficient solution to this problem?

G-Suite, yes Google applications are the cheap alternative to ERP to scale your business with the same speed & growth rate. Learn more on How can you automate your entire business with G-Suite.

Here I am going to discuss the top 7 reasons, why you should use Google Applications rather than any rigid ERP Software. Let’s get started:

What are the top 7 reasons to use Google Applications over expensive ERP Software?

  1. Cost-effectiveness: As an SME Business owner, cost reduction is...
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