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Order and Payment Tracking Tool – Track your Orders & Payment via Google Sheets


Are you a business owner struggling due to a lack of order tracking, and delays? Do you have no track of order status, and pending payments against each order?

Then your business needs automation and business reporting. Integrate everything that you rely on for order processing. Get a powerful Order Management Tool to create, track, and update orders, accept payments, send reminders.

When sales orders are piling up, the admin team gets overwhelmed and customers get anxious. Orders get delayed due to loopholes in communication, confusion in order status, and dependencies. To resolve this, we came up with an exclusive Order & Payment Tracking Tool to manage your Orders stage by stage.

Let’s see how to use this exclusive and highly advanced Order & Payment Tracking Tool:

Before moving ahead, click on the link to create a copy of this tool, it will help you in learning and implementing it properly.

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