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Google Workspace – An ideal platform for Business Owners

Are you planning to streamline your business by taking it on cloud? Google has made it easy with its cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) product – Google Workspace. 

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a collection of powerful cloud based products developed by Google for Enterprises, Businesses, Institutes, etc. The primary Google Applications you’re probably familiar with include Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Forms, Calendars, Hangouts, etc.

Let’s look into the key features of Google Workspace, making it perfect to integrate it with our work: 

What are the Key Features of Google Workspace?

Google Workspace provides us many tools under the four categories:

  1. ConnectAs the name suggests, all the products under this category are to reach out to your customers and colleagues. It comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Google Meet, etc.
  2. CreateThis Category includes products to pen down your project such as Google Docs to...
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7 Best Webinar Platforms – Suggested by Kewal Kishan

Holding the audience via the internet is a must to run any business today. In the new normal of remote culture, webinars are the most common way to market your products and services, on-board employees, conduct online training and sharing ideas. A strategically planned and well executed Webinar can bring great revenue opportunities, engagements and quality leads.

So, are you thinking of conducting a Webinar? Then you must be looking for a modern and slick platform to conduct an automated and non-sense free Webinar. There are many web-based & cloud-based open-source video conferencing tools in the market to hold Webinars. Understanding the needs of users, these platforms are provided with advanced features like Sharing Screens, Cross-platform messages, File Sharing Chat, etc.                                                         ...

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