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7 useful Google Sheet Tips for Business Owners – Business Automation

Google Sheets are gaining a lot of popularity among business owners which helps them to easily manage their data and create complex reports in just a few minutes. It has simplified common spreadsheet tasks, saving a lot of time. The Features and benefits derived from this are innumerable. In this particular blog, I am going to share seven Google Sheet tips that a lot of people would be unaware of and can help in data sharing and management in a better way.

These Google Sheet tips are very useful for business owners to deal with large amounts of confidential data in a secure way.

What are the 7 useful Google Sheet tips?

Here you go, one by one:

  1. Access Rights & Restrictions: A lot of times, we want to share a Google Sheet with our teammates but we don't know, should we share the editing rights or should we share it as a viewer. They get confused about whether the teammate will be able to download the data, will they be able to share it further? 

How can you restrict your...

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