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Business Automation – For Manufacturers and Traders

Are you a manufacturer or trader? Generally, such business owners are firefighting with daily managerial tasks of business operations and could not focus on the growth of the Business. You need to automate your business to increase efficiency, and to improve productivity.

Let’s see the challenges you must be facing in your business operations:

What are the challenges Manufacturers and Traders are facing in their business?

  1. Delayed Orders: Due to the micro-management of orders you lose track of all the orders and get in difficult situations with customers when they ask for the updates. This affects the trust of clients.
  2. Poor Team Performance: Your team tends to forget 3 out of 10 tasks assigned by you. There is no proper system of delegating the tasks with deadlines and sending them reminders to complete it.  This lack of task delegation system slows down the work and progress.
  3. Low Sales Conversion: The improper management of leads and delayed follow-ups with them, result...
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Business Reports – Analyze your business for a guaranteed growth

Are you struggling to scale your business in spite of having a good team, advanced systems & tools? Well!  there is one more aspect in the business where you may be lacking, i.e., Reporting. Yes, Business Reporting is last but not the least part of your business operations, to grow it and scale it efficiently.  

So, what reports do you need for your business to run it smartly? Here, I am going to mention all the reports for each department, let’s check them out one by one -

Reports for Sales Department:

Sales department brings you the business. To keep the sales in check, you can ask for the following reports to your sales department:

  1. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Report: This report will help you to analyse your sales on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, so that you can achieve your sales target. You can figure out the reason why on certain days you are getting better response than other days, and hence derive the strategy to conquer it. 
  2. Top selling...
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Google Workspace – The most secured automation platform for Business Owners

Are you still looking for a reason to establish your workflow with Google Workspace? Well, we have countless reasons for you and one of them is the tight security that Google Workspace offers. Yes, Google has implemented 6 layers of data security on its cloud platform to keep your data secured and managed.

Data is the most precious thing in a business and keeping it safe and restricting its sharing only with authorized people is critical for business. Because the theft or misuse of even a single piece of data can make huge losses and getting the highly secured software & servers seems impossible for small business owners and start-ups.  Learn how you can automate your business with Google Workspace.

Therefore, Google Workspace aka G Suite is the most secured platform with 6 layers of tight data security. 

What makes Google the most secure platform?

Here are few points that can  ensure that your data is completely safe from all possible cyber and non-cyber-attacks:...

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Why Google Workspace is PERFECT for Non-Technical BUSINESS OWNERS

Covid period has brought digitization to the next new level. In this new Work from Home culture, a company CRM is a necessity of any big or small business to ensure smooth coordination between the team.

But, handling a big-complex CRM is very difficult for non-technical businesses owners and their employees. Also, buying a new software or hiring an IT company to develop the customized one turns out to be very hectic for non-technical business owners. 

But, Google Workspace can provide the required automation solutions in a user-friendly way. It is the set of cloud-based Google Applications including office productivity & communication tools. It provides you with cutting-edge features and a highly advanced set of tools at very affordable cost of just 125/user/month.

Want introduction to Google Workspace? Refer to the video, What is GSuite -Introduction to Google APPs for business by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach. For more detail, you can also follow our blog: ...

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Answering your Myths about Business Automation – 10 Common Myths

Introducing the systems & tools to your work culture will not only save your time but also increase your growth rate & team performance. So, what exactly is stopping you to automate your business operations

I understand bringing change to your traditional work culture brings insecurity and confusion, especially when you have a hard time with technology.

Generally, Business professionals have some common myths related to Business Automation. The lack of clarity demotivates them to adapt to advanced systems and tools. They invest their time and efforts in managerial tasks, while their competitors devote that saved time and efforts in growth-oriented tasks. The difference can be seen in the performance & growth rate.

So, in this blog, let’s learn about the common myths and get clarity.

What are the common myths about Business Automation?

Here we will discuss the 10 common myths that are stopping you to onboard technology to your work process.

1. Automation is a...

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Google Workspace – An ideal platform for Business Owners

Are you planning to streamline your business by taking it on cloud? Google has made it easy with its cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) product – Google Workspace. 

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a collection of powerful cloud based products developed by Google for Enterprises, Businesses, Institutes, etc. The primary Google Applications you’re probably familiar with include Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Forms, Calendars, Hangouts, etc.

Let’s look into the key features of Google Workspace, making it perfect to integrate it with our work: 

What are the Key Features of Google Workspace?

Google Workspace provides us many tools under the four categories:

  1. ConnectAs the name suggests, all the products under this category are to reach out to your customers and colleagues. It comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Google Meet, etc.
  2. CreateThis Category includes products to pen down your project such as Google Docs to...
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5 Steps to Automate your Business – Digitize your Work Process

Are you a business owner and struggling with daily firefighting? Well! It’s  the right  time to automate your business to save hours from these small managerial tasks and  invest it in growth oriented tasks. Automation means incorporating systems and tools to your traditional business operations to save the time and effort of your team while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the workflow

Here, I came up with the 5 steps to automate your business, let’s have a look at them one by one:

What are the 5 steps to automate your business?

1. Data Capturing

How do you capture your data? Generally, companies capture the data in some excel files and word documents, without any format. Sometimes, these excel and doc files may get corrupted or the data captured without any format requires good effort to understand.
To resolve this, you can use Google Forms & Google sheets to capture the data. Create a Google Form with the basic questions you would...

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Google Workspace Pricing Plans – Which plan is best for your business?

Google workspace offers from a basic subscription plan for professional individual users to a Business & Enterprise level plans for companies. Let’s find out what services are included in each plan and which plan best meets your business’s requirements.

Google workspace has just launched a new series of Business Workspace plans in which they have introduced a new plan for big businesses. Let’s find out what new Google have to amaze us this time!

Google workspace pricing starts as low as 125/user/month for Business starter plan, 672/user/month for standard Business level plan and 1260/user/month for advanced Business plus plan. If you are an enterprise, you can directly contact them and get the customized plan according to your requirement.

Each plan provides you the Email Account and access to all Google Applications of the Google Workspace. The differences between the plans lie in storage limit, security features, customer support and Admin control access....

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