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Google Workspace – The most secured automation platform for Business Owners

Are you still looking for a reason to establish your workflow with Google Workspace? Well, we have countless reasons for you and one of them is the tight security that Google Workspace offers. Yes, Google has implemented 6 layers of data security on its cloud platform to keep your data secured and managed.

Data is the most precious thing in a business and keeping it safe and restricting its sharing only with authorized people is critical for business. Because the theft or misuse of even a single piece of data can make huge losses and getting the highly secured software & servers seems impossible for small business owners and start-ups.  Learn how you can automate your business with Google Workspace.

Therefore, Google Workspace aka G Suite is the most secured platform with 6 layers of tight data security. 

What makes Google the most secure platform?

Here are few points that can  ensure that your data is completely safe from all possible cyber and non-cyber-attacks:...

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Why Google Workspace is PERFECT for Non-Technical BUSINESS OWNERS

Covid period has brought digitization to the next new level. In this new Work from Home culture, a company CRM is a necessity of any big or small business to ensure smooth coordination between the team.

But, handling a big-complex CRM is very difficult for non-technical businesses owners and their employees. Also, buying a new software or hiring an IT company to develop the customized one turns out to be very hectic for non-technical business owners. 

But, Google Workspace can provide the required automation solutions in a user-friendly way. It is the set of cloud-based Google Applications including office productivity & communication tools. It provides you with cutting-edge features and a highly advanced set of tools at very affordable cost of just 125/user/month.

Want introduction to Google Workspace? Refer to the video, What is GSuite -Introduction to Google APPs for business by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach. For more detail, you can also follow our blog: ...

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3-Stages of a Business Owner – How to upgrade from one Stage to another?

Every small business owner like solopreneurs or a start-up team of 5 or less have three distinct phases they go through. Here I am going to discuss those 3 stages and how to upgrade from one stage to another.

Are you a Business Owner who is involved in every big & small act of your business? If you are doing every task from following up leads to taking orders, from assigned work to tracking the performance, from marketing to sales, etc. then, you are doing Micro-management, not Macro-management.

With this Micro-management work process, you are just trying to survive and not be able to scale your business.

As per the book E-Myth, written by Michael E Gerber, a Business Man goes through 3-Stages:

What are the 3-Stages of a Business Owner?

For detailed insights you can refer to the Video: 3 Stages of a Business Man by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach.

  1. Stage One: Technician
  2. Stage Two: Manager
  3. Stage Three: Entrepreneur

In this blog, I will explain to you these 3-Stages...

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Top 7 reasons to use Google Applications and avoid ERP software – ERP Software V/S GSuite


For an SME Business owner, business processes keep evolving and changing over time. To manage the growing orders, team, sales, etc., you need a scalable automated system. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a key tool for managing production, order processing, and team management, etc. But using an ERP might cost you not only Money but Time and a lot of Effort without any results.

Then what may be a cost-effective yet advanced & efficient solution to this problem?

G-Suite, yes Google applications are the cheap alternative to ERP to scale your business with the same speed & growth rate. Learn more on How can you automate your entire business with G-Suite.

Here I am going to discuss the top 7 reasons, why you should use Google Applications rather than any rigid ERP Software. Let’s get started:

What are the top 7 reasons to use Google Applications over expensive ERP Software?

  1. Cost-effectiveness: As an SME Business owner, cost reduction is...
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Introduction to Google Keep Notes – What is it & How to use it?

Google Keep Notes is one of the simplest yet very useful apps developed by Google for taking notes and pinning it with our daily routine. In this article, let’s explore Google Keep Notes, its features, tools, and usability.

Google Keep Notes is a free online note-taking tool available in GSuite. You can capture every idea you come across in Google Keep & can bring it to life through other products in GSuite. Remember the sticky notes on your walls?

What is Google Keep Notes?

With an intuitive interface, Google Keep is a user-friendly application to create, manage, and share notes. It allows users to take notes in texts, lists, images & audios.

It is connected with Google Drive from where you can easily access your notes without getting them lost. Even you can set reminders with time & location options. Google Keep features Optical Character Recognition technology, through which text can be extracted from images.

With all these amazing features it can play an...

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Introduction to Google Sheets: Smarter way to Manage Data

Google Sheets is one of the magical tools in the GSuite. It is a free online web-based Spreadsheet APP where you can manage your data more efficiently, perform calculations, implement formulas & pivot tables, create graphs and whatnot.

Have you shifted your business to GSuite? Then, Google Sheets can turn out to be the Game changer for your business. The well-designed Google Spreadsheets can automate your work by Scheduling, Managing, Auditing, Sharing & Visualizing your data into the more result-driven way.

Google Spreadsheets are free cloud-based tools which can be switched between various devices. Here you can manage data, perform calculations, implement formulas & pivot tables and can even create data charts for reports.

Having convinced with the usability of Google Sheets, let’s go through the basics of the Sheets:

What are the elements of Google Spreadsheets?

The basic structure of Google Spreadsheets is made up of 5 elements:

  1.       Rows:...
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Top 10 Benefits of using GSuite – Why should we use it?


After getting so many recommendations for using GSuite for your business, you must want to know about the benefits that you can avail by having GSuite at your side. In this post, we are going to cover the top 10 benefits of using GSuite.

Google offers many free tools and services to its users. But as a growing business, you need services that bring more mobility, scalability & flexibility in the work. That’s where Google’s smart business portal: GSuite comes into the scene.

GSuite is the package of all intelligent & cloud-based Applications developed by Google. Deploying GSuite as the primary digital portal for your business can keep you and your team at maximum productivity and efficient performance.

Here, I am listing highlighting the top benefits of using GSuite,

What are the benefits of using GSuite for business?

Let’s take a closure look to the advantages you are going to avail:

  1.       Business Email: On upgrading from a free Gmail to...
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Top 10 benefits of GSuite for small businesses – Take your business on Cloud

Investing in an intra-company software is not feasible for small businesses. But GSuite, the set of cloud-based office tools, can provide the required business solutions at a cost-effective price. Let’s find out the top 10 benefits of using GSuite for small businesses.

In this highly-competitive business environment, primary software for companies is must to embrace technological breakthroughs for maximum productivity & efficiency. But buying new software or hiring an IT company to develop the customized one is not a cost-effective option for small businesses.

Here comes the GSuite, a google product for rescue.

GSuite is the set of cloud-based Google Applications including office productivity & communication tools. It provides you with the cutting-edge features and a highly advanced set of tools at a very affordable cost of just 125/user/month.

Therefore, to help your business with technology & automation, here, I came up with the top 9 benefits of using GSuite for...

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10 G-Suite tips to go Paperless – Business Automation & Digitization

Business Automation and Digitization is the need of the hour for any business to achieve high productivity and efficiency. Google has made the digitization possible at a cost-effective price with its online business automation tool, GSuite. Let’s find out how:

Over the years of training 6000+ students including both Business Owners and Professionals on the power of G-Suite and its applications, I always get impressed with the features that G-suite has to offer. Nowadays, everybody is going online with all the business-related tasks right from assigning tasks to employees, managing their work to seeking permissions, etc. which is the high time for all of us to go Paperless.

Today, I am sharing the top 7 tips which will help you go paperless with the help of G-suite and its applications-

  • Tip # 1 - Google forms for surveys or questionnaires

Easily create and distribute google forms for event responses, feedback, signups,...

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