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3-Stages of a Business Owner – How to upgrade from one Stage to another?

Every small business owner like solopreneurs or a start-up team of 5 or less have three distinct phases they go through. Here I am going to discuss those 3 stages and how to upgrade from one stage to another.

Are you a Business Owner who is involved in every big & small act of your business? If you are doing every task from following up leads to taking orders, from assigned work to tracking the performance, from marketing to sales, etc. then, you are doing Micro-management, not Macro-management.

With this Micro-management work process, you are just trying to survive and not be able to scale your business.

As per the book E-Myth, written by Michael E Gerber, a Business Man goes through 3-Stages:

What are the 3-Stages of a Business Owner?

For detailed insights you can refer to the Video: 3 Stages of a Business Man by Kewal Kishan – Technology Coach.

  1. Stage One: Technician
  2. Stage Two: Manager
  3. Stage Three: Entrepreneur

In this blog, I will explain to you these 3-Stages...

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8 PILLARS to 10X your Team's productivity

team productivity Jun 20, 2020

A good team is one of your Biggest Asset and one of the greatest tool which will play a very important role in achieving your Organizational Goals.

There is a very well put meaning of the word TEAM i.e. Together Everyone Achieves More. 

We spend our time, money, and a good amount of effort in hiring our Dream Team so that they can achieve their targets successfully and you can focus on Scaling the business. It's important to avoid all the leakages or shortcomings when it comes to delegating tasks to them, managing workflows, proper systems to ensure that perfect output. 

Today I will be sharing the 8 Pillars to 10X your Team's productivity. 

1. KRAs (Key Responsible Activities) - Are the activities, job roles that you define for each team member. These activities can be at the frequency of daily, weekly, monthly, or fortnightly that are to be carried and completed.

2. Intrasite - Your internal company portal for smooth employee...

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